Friday, March 27, 2009

A Fleeting Moment

I've had some difficulty swallowing all that is Facebook for the last week or so. Just fed up, I guess. I'm OH SO MUCH MORE enthralled with Twitter. A place I don't have to block anyone (but I do anyway, those Christian pro-life right-wingers, who, for some reason, want to follow me). A place I can just be me.

But then something happened on Facebook that made it all worth it.

My "lil' sis" from cheerleading friended me. Only her info said "male". WTF?!!! Did she have a sex change? Was she a transgender? So, of COURSE I ADDED HER! And looking into her profile further, I discovered that she was living with a woman, and under her interests was "poop". Ok, this is weird.

So I stewed on that for a few hours (no pun intended) and messaged a friend who is also Facebook friends with him/her/whatever. Then I went back and looked at the profile.

Nothing to see here, folks. The woman she was living with? Her. The "male" is the character she is posing as on her Facebook page, either fictional or her pet (I don't want to put it exactly, because I don't want all my reader(s) to Google her.) I figured this out because the female she was "living with" had a photo of her and her dad. And while I might not recognize her after 20 years, her dad looks almost the same, just more grey hair.

So, for a brief instance, Facebook was good again. The excitement of finding out that a girl you once knew was a boy would have made it ALL WORTH IT!!! But no, it's still the same ol', same ol'... Me posting my oh-so-interesting observation about a flock of Canadian geese. Bonnie M.O.T. noticing some red shit over Detroit. People finding out what kind of stripper-mom they are, or what their real age is.

I'm not saying that I'm not going to continue to DO IT, I'm just saying...


  1. Facebook pretty much sucks in my opinion, but all of my immediate and extended family are on it so I use it to keep in touch. But I'm with you, it's so banal and just BLAH.

  2. Facebook was good again because you found a friend posing as her pet? I would chalk this up as another reason that Facebook drives me (and apparently others) insane. Don't get me started on Twitter.

    And get off of my lawn!


  3. NO, AFM, you misunderstood. Facebook would have been good if I had found a friend who used to be female, but became a male. Facebook is STILL stupid, because she is just a person posing as her pet. Silly.

  4. well that is sort of a let down that she's not actually a he or shemale or whatever. what is up with all her stealth activity? That is kind of odd.

    Come on, you would never know about the red shit in Detroit if it weren't for me, I'm expanding my facebook friend's horizons.