Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Valium, Vicodin and Ativan, OH MY!

It seems that lately (maybe because I hovered around and then became 40) a lot of my post have to do with ailments, health scares and other fun issues. Well, in keeping with that theme, I've been absent from blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and all things computer (more or less) for the past week because of a weird headache/neckache hoo-ha. And while I may jokingly call it "hoo-ha", it has been no laughing matter. First we thought it was a bad glasses prescription. Nope. Had it checked, and double checked by an opthamologist. He also ruled out the possibility of brain tumors. Gee thanks, I hadn't even gone down that path! But drugging up and laying in bed for two days (over the weekend, so Drew could take over the little thing we like to call parenting) should have done the trick, right? Wrong. I woke up Monday morning as if a ton of bricks had come crashing on the back of my skull, and I couldn't move my neck as if I'd been in a serious car wreck. I also felt dizzy, nauseous and was breaking out in a cold sweat. So, Drew took the day off of work and, luckily, my doctor decided to see me instead of sending me to the ER. The four advil I took in the morning was making my head feel better. The doc is an osteopath and she did some adjustments on me, which helped (at least while in the office) and recommended an icy hot patch for the back of my neck. Amazing... that actually helped too (well, that and some ativan). So yesterday, after all that, and getting the girls home for naps (with Drew's help), I rested in bed for a while. And while I could have stayed in bed all afternoon (AGAIN), I opted to get up and start organizing our piece of crap, shame of the household home office. And I worked on this for three hours! Feeling a little pain, but keeping moving and staying hydrated really helped. Drew had taken the girls to a friend's house and they all went out for pizza, so it was really quiet here (which helped the headache) and I didn't need to take anything stronger than that ativan (for muscle tension relief) until bedtime. And at bedtime, it was back to the strong stuff and the heating pad...
This morning I had the luxury of taking my time getting out of bed. I took it very easy. No sudden movements. I still ended up with the same scenario, but after so many days of it, maybe I'm just handling it better. Plus, I had the girls do a big project with me which kept us all busy. After naps, if it's not too miserable out (who knows?), I'll take them out for some fresh air.
The real drag of this whole ordeal (besides the constant excruciating pain) is the fact that I can't exercise. I mean, I've already fucked up my neck, I can't risk it getting worse. I was all excited to get my exercise bumped up into high gear (we've kept it at third gear during the winter!) and enjoy the exhiliration that a good run/walk/ride can bring. But it'll have to wait.
And then, I promise. No more inneroldlady posts! I'm sick of them too.


  1. Ugh, that sounds horrible! How sad for you! Must be difficult for all of you to cope.

  2. Hey there you old gal, hang in there!

  3. You know what I'm finding as I hover on the cliff of my 40s? I get the same aches and pains I did as a teen/20-something. But it's taking me LONGER to get over said pain.

    And that's what pisses me off.

    Enjoy a vicodin for me, hon! :)

  4. As long as you say fuck and have drinks on your blog- I'm in.


    I guess I was lost in the forest.

  5. I HAVE TOO READ YOUR BLOG. I've just had a nutty week. Seriously, when are they going to perfect cloning?? Cuz I could use a few more of me to go around!

  6. Ativan has been a saver for me. When I feel panic symptoms coming on, especially when I am at work, they tend to work rapidly to reduce my symptoms. I do not feel sleepy after taking ativan. Just a peaceful calm!